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The last time I did a real blog post, it was about the time I met my idol, Niigaki Risa (I still fangirl to this day; the photo of us is framed on my desk!). So this time, I met Yun*chi! …sort of. 


So, not too long ago, NHK e-mailed Beth and invited us to…. Wait for it…
Make a Japanese CD debut as a group with Yun*chi!! Exciting, right!? The details haven’t been fully established yet, but we’re all extremely excited. So the Brit ladies all got together again and we Skyped with Yun*chi and her producer, U-SKE (Yusuke Asada). She was so cute! It was adorable when she’d address us and then turn to U-SKE, asking: 


She was, indeed, a pleasure to meet, as you can imagine! The girls (all of us, not just us Brits!) are extremely excited to work with her! She was so happy when she found out we knew her songs. :D

Once the call had ended, about two minutes passed before we got called up again. Yun*chi had called back just to say “I’m happy that we met and I look forward to working with you - see you soon!”. I can only imagine that she asked her producer to call back - something like “Hey, I wasn’t done talking to them, I didn’t thank them yet!” Haha! :P

She was very cute and very kind, too. She even made this picture not long after the call!


So all in all, I had a really fun day derping around with my IKP ladies and speaking to Yun*chi - I can’t wait until we all meet again!

Until next time!

~ Serena 

  1. mashyumaro said: ahhh Serena y u get to talk to all the awesome people but hey you deserve it
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